Videotape to Digital Video is becoming a very popular choice for our clients.  With this option, we transfer your videotapes to either a USB flash drive or hard drive.  This USB flash or hard drive video is saved in either the popular mp4 or mov format which can be opened on Mac or PC computers.  This video file can then be transferred to your desktop computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or other device.  Some of our past clients have put their video on YouTube or social media after having it converted.

We accept the following tape formats for conversion:
VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi-8, 8mm (tape, not film), Digital 8, Mini-DV and HDV
We do a straight digital conversion of your tapes without any additional editing straight to your USB flash or hard drive.
Our process is simple to keep your prices low and competitive.
Videotape to Digital Video Pricing:
  • Conversion Fee:  Only $12 / per videotape, no minimum
  • USB Flash Drive (0-10 tapes) – $25 fee*
  • USB Hard Drive (10+ tapes) – $125 fee*

*Clients may choose to provide their own USB flash or hard drive to avoid this additional cost. 

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