Converting your analog video tapes to a digital format couldn’t be easier.

Read over the steps below to see how this process works:

1. Fill out our digital conversion estimate request and we will respond with an estimated cost.

2. Once you approve the estimate, label and pack up your analog video tape(s) into a secure box and mail them to the specified address included in your estimate.– Use a carrier of your choosing (UPS, FedEx or USPS Priority).  We strongly recommend tracking your package and using priority or express mail for the highest care of your package. Although USPS Media Mail is cheap, Priority Mail will assure safe travel of your precious tapes. Palmetto Video is not responsible for any items lost or damaged in transit as this is the responsibility of the package carrier.

3. When we receive your package, we will notify you via phone or e-mail.

4. We will convert your videotapes into your chosen digital format within one week of receiving the tapes for most orders. If we have several orders in front of you or on orders of 10 tapes or more, we will notify you on the estimated time of completion. We will label the DVDs or digital video files based on the way you labeled your analog tapes. To keep our prices low, we simply transfer your video from one format to another without any additional editing. For DVD conversions, each DVD will labeled on the front, disc and spine in its own standard DVD case. For digital video, all of your digital video will be loaded onto a USB flash or hard drive in the free Quicktime (.mov or .mp4) format. The size of your flash or hard drive will be based on the number of tapes converted. This format is great for loading onto your computer, social media, or your own website. The USB flash or hard drive is yours to keep once we send it to you! For conversion orders over 50 tapes, we require a 25% deposit upfront.

5. You will be billed for the total amount via electronic or standard mail only when your conversion is complete*. We prefer electronic payment for a timely transaction.

6. Once you have paid in full, we will send your package back to you via USPS Priority Mail as part of our wonderful service. For our return shipping, we use the highly-rated USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes and include your original tapes, DVDs or USB flash/hard drive. These boxes fly air mail within 2-3 days of shipment and include free tracking.  Return shipping is a flat fee of only $5 for 5 tapes or more. For orders of less than 5 tapes, a higher shipping fee will apply. 

7. When you received the finished product, you’ll love it and recommend it to all of your friends!

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