Q. Are there any content restrictions on converting analog tapes to digital?

A. We will not convert any material that violates copyright law or any material containing explicit adult content. This includes any programs recorded from a live copyright broadcast, saved internet videos, etc.

Q. What is the difference between a DVD and digital video? Can I convert to both?

A.  A DVD represents your analog video in the standard digital video format. Digital Video is compressed video to store on your computer, backup drive, or post on social media. Yes, you can convert to both, and it is a popular choice!

Q. I have ordered a videotape to digital video conversion, how do I use the USB flash or hard drive that you’ve sent?

A. Plug either the flash drive or external USB drive into your USB slot on your PC or Mac, it should pop up on the desktop. Drag the files you see on the flash or hard drive onto your computer. Double click your files to open them onto your computer’s video player. If you they aren’t playing, download and install the free software Quicktime (from Apple). Your videos should play nicely and can be loaded onto social media or mobile device.

Q. There are a number of analog video tape formats that you do support, which ones do you not support?

A. We do not convert Super-VHS or any other uncommon formats. We also do not convert Super 8 reel to reel film.

Q. Why don’t you convert to Blueray or HD-quality?

A. We can convert analog video to a digital format, however if it was not recorded in HD, it can’t look like HD. Blueray players are backward compatible with DVDs, so you will have no problem playing our video on a standard or high definition TV with either a Blueray or DVD player.

Q. Is there a limit on how many analog tapes you will covert at a time?

A. Not typically, unless the order is absolutely astronomical. If you have a large order, fill out our estimate and we can discuss our estimated time of conversion with you. Note that for large orders over 50 tapes, we require a 25% deposit before beginning the conversion process.

Q.  When will I be expected to pay for my order?

A.  For those preferring electronic payment, you will receive an electronic invoice once we have received your tapes and have completed your order. At your convenience, we accept credit, debit or checking options electronically. If you prefer a paper invoice, we will mail the invoice once we have received your package. We will not return ship your converted DVDs until the order has been paid in full.

Q. What is included in the $5 flat rate shipping?

A. Our $5 flat rate shipping is US Postal Service Priority Mail for orders of 5 or more tapes. We use the most secure packaging and typically your package will arrive within 2-3 days from the date that it is shipped. All return packages include a tracking number also free of charge included via e-mail with your confirmed payment.

Q. Are there other return shipping options?

A. If you want a different return shipping option, you may choose UPS 2-Day or Overnight shipping for an additional charge. We have had a wonderful experience with our free USPS Priority Mail, so it is a great and reliable option.

Q. Where do you accept tapes from?

A. Anywhere in the continental United States.

Q. Where do you convert the tapes into a digital video?

A. We convert them right from our home office in Bluffton, South Carolina. Many larger companies in our field outsource and ship tapes to India, we do not. All of our work in done in the great Palmetto State!

Q. Will you edit my movie, add custom music or menus?

A. Your tape will be converted digitally on either a DVD or USB flash/hard drive. If you want to manipulate it later with music, menus or anything else, the ‘Videotape to Digital Video’ is the best option as you can import the footage into iMovie or your computer’s video editing software. We keep it simple to keep the prices affordable for you!

Q. How long of a tape can you fit on a DVD?

A. Anything under 4 hours will fit on a DVD, but as the time lengthens, the video quality decreases. Optimal video quality will be seen for tapes under 2 hours in length. Some companies charge a fee for any videos longer than 2 hours, we do not.

Q. Do you have any local deals?

A. We have offered pickup and delivery in the past and plan on offering it again in the future, so stay tuned!

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