Palmetto Video is a family-run business that will
provide you the
incredible customer service of a local Main Street store with
tremendous quality and value.  We take pride in taking the best
possible care of your precious memories as we convert them to DVD or
digital video.  Although some of our competitors may appear
to have a lower price per tape, they frequently charge fees for return
shipping or any tape over two hours in length.  Others will also
charge high hourly wages for video editing or restoration.  As you
know your video the best, we leave
the editing up to you
!  We simply take your existing tapes
and make a digital copy, with no
hidden fees or charges

Palmetto Video’s amazing prices with our competitors:

Sample Project: Convert 6 VHS tapes to DVDs
(including return shipping or free local pickup and delivery)


Palmetto Video $72.00
YesVideo (DVD conversion service for
Walgreens, CVS, etc…)
iMemories $120.00*

*One more thing, NONE of the above
competitors will send you a USB flash drive with your digital
video to import to your computer or ipod/iphone or offer free local
pickup and delivery.


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