After you request your estimate, you will be e-mailed an estimate confirmation. Once you approve this estimate, send your tapes to us in the mail securely with a carrier of your choosing to the address on your estimate. 

For a smaller order under 50 tapes, will we not bill you until the job is complete and ready to be shipped back to you. For a larger order over 50 tapes, we require a 25% deposit up front. As we are converting your tapes, we charge a flat fee of only $12 for each tape converted. Unfortunately, we occasionally run across a tape that is too degraded and cannot be converted. In that scenario, we do not charge for any tapes we were unable to convert. When your items are paid for in full, they will be shipped back to you promptly. 

For payment, you have the option of either choosing:

Electronic Payment – A completely secure option using a debit or credit card to complete your payment. We use Stripe as our payment processor, used by millions of trusted brands across the world. 

Mailed Invoice – Some of our customers respect a traditional check to accompany a mailed invoice and we accept that as well. Please note that we cannot send your tapes and converted items until the invoice is paid in full. Checks should be made payable to Palmetto Video. 

Paying for your digital conversion is not only affordable, but convenient. 

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