Welcome to Palmetto Video, where we offer affordable digital video conversion to cherish those special memories for years to come. Convert your old home video tapes and transfer them to a long lasting digital format such as a DVD or digital video for sharing online at the cost of only $12 per tape with no minimum and no hidden charges. 

We accept many tape formats and include a flat $5 shipping fee for return USPS priority mail for any orders of 5 tapes or more to the lower 48 states.

Keep your family’s memories for the next generation by choosing Palmetto Video.  Check out our website menu above for a full list of services and fill our your free estimate today. Our family-run business prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, while giving our clients a competitively low price. Read through our testimonials to see what type of service you can expect as we help you with your video conversion project.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (843) 290-5868 or contact@palmettovideo.com. We look forward to your business!

Only $12 per tape, no minimum required!

We support the following video tape formats for conversion: VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm (tape not film), Digital 8, Mini-DV, HDV

We can convert to: DVD and/or Digital Video

DVDs are packaged in standard high quality DVD cases and labeled exactly as indicated on your video tapes on the front cover, disc and spine. Digital video is converted onto a USB flash or hard drive compatible with either Mac or PC, perfect for video editing, uploading to mobile devices, and sharing on the web. Digital video conversions are becoming one of our most popular services.

As part of our standard exceptional customer service for all digital video conversions, we provide:

$5 flat rate USPS priority mail return shipping to the lower 48 states for orders of 5 or more tapes.

– At your request, a free 30-day digital backup of your video.

– Personal customer service to guarantee your full satisfaction.

We do not accept any tapes which violate copyright law or contain adult or illicit content. Check out our FAQ area, privacy policy or contact us for any questions you may have.

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